oled lighting

There is huge potential market in the mainland and national enterprises have great confidence.


Facing all foreign enterprises which own the business, national enterprises have taken the first important step of industrialization, but it just light the passion of enterprises in China. At the time of industry technology and transform, there are equal opportunities for enterprises at home and abroad. In the face of the huge potential market, national enterprises has great confidence with hope that OLED lighting will be the top of the world in this new area.


There are positive factors in the perspective of Chinese policy. China faces the limitation of resources and environment after all, which influence the sustainable development in the future. China, as a large electricity power consumption country, has been actively searching for renewable resources, and effective ways for energy saving and emission reduction. In terms of the importance of lighting industry for energy saving, the government has been increasing its support to OLED lighting since 1996.


Reporters learn that as the first production line in the mainland,  Nanjing Diyi Oganic Electricity and Light Ltd Company will ramp up its 370mm×470mmOLED lighting panel, with capacity of 20,000 square meters. Next, its OLED lighting products will be applied in Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in 2014.


With the rapid industrialization and market expansion, it is believed that there will be more OLED enterprises in this market, especially it will be easy for current OLED enterprises which has achieved much to transform.


It is for sure that Chinese market including OLED lighting market has become an arena where enterprises at home and abroad compete. Foreign enterprises have already started their layout in China in order to take more market share. It is said that Philip Company has set up an OLED lighting products R&D center in Shanghai in order to cooperate with designers worldwide for the development and customization of OLED. However, OLED lighting industry is still at the initial stage, and there will be more exciting stories.


It is hard for OLED to become the main stream in this market.


In the IFA, OLED has been shown by all enterprises in TV industry. On 13th, LG electronics formally introduced OLED TV in China market, which is to be for sale on the selling stores and internet. Insiders indicate that the Epoch-marking OLED TV can’t really affect the market layout.


Analyzer from Yiguan International said, ‘The value of news should be more than application value. The higher value lies in its ability to show the technology and increase its brands recognition in the market. Considering current production capacity and selling prices, there is little possibility for OLED to be promoted in this market.’