CHINA LED manufacturer

In China, the popularity of LED lighting is developing into a new stage. LED lighting products was previously applied for outdoor lighting supported by the government subsidies, indoor lighting of public infrastructure, commercial lighting and so on, but now it has been used by the common consumers in their daily life. 2013 can be taken as a start when China LED lighting has become popular among the common consumers.


The market value of LED lighting is about 10 billion US$ in 2015.


2012 is a very important year when China LED was widely used. China CSA states that there was fierce competition in LED industry in 2012, when the price was greatly deducted.  It is predicted that three to five years after 2012 will be the gold time when Chinese LED can get the rapidest development.


As for the scale of China LED market, LED insiders point it out that in 2012, Chinese government adopted a series of policy to stimulate and increase the demand in the mainland, which has brought the development of LED lighting market. By 2015, LED demand in China is estimated to be about 10 billion US$.  By 2020, the revenue of home LED lighting demand is estimated to be about 22 billions.


The enterprises that own LED business in China are very confident with Chinese market. Taiwan enterprises, Jinyuan Light and Electricity said that LED lighting will take up about 50% of the lighting market by 2015 at affordable prices. Shenghui Lighting Company in Zhejiang province states that if the price for LED light is deducted to only 1.5 times of the fluorescent light, it can be accepted by the market, which can be achieved by 2015 to 2016.