led commercial lighting



Nowadays, with the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, there is a growing need for individualism for customers. In order to make more profits, manufacturers spare no efforts to win customers. Commercial lighting design is considered as a method of marketing and the diversified commercial lighting design emerged under the situation. How to make customers feel comfortable with proper illuminance and color temperature?  How to present its characteristics perfectly with high color rendering? These series of questions have been the important part for the designers to consider.


Commercial lighting design is an indispensable part in the field of lighting design. It needs to fit up customers’ feel by excellent lighting effect and products and creates relaxed and easy atmosphere, leading customers to come about positive consuming psychology. Renjian, the chief designer of Beijing Zhimei Lighting said, Under the ever-changing market environment, commercial lighting design have to make innovations from color, dynamic lighting, interaction and energy-saving if they want to be special and accepted by the customers and boost consumption.


The color plays an important part in impacting people’s psychology and promoting performance of the goods. For example, red makes one feel enthusiastic. So we want to express dynamic and vigorous we can adopt the warm tone led by red while using cold tone led by blue to express quiet and magnificent as blue gives out the sense of distance. So, when the designers should first consider about the effect the manufacturers want to gain when designing to choose the dominant color.