led commercial lighting


Second, making dynamic lighting is a good choice to attract costumers. As human eyes are sensitive to dynamism and color, dynamic lighting is more attractive than static lighting on some occasion. Although the dynamic lighting is good, it may make people feel uncomfortable with improper use so that abuse should be avoided. If dynamic lighting is under control, it may bring more fun.


In addition, the sellers can have some interaction by lighting to attract customers, such as the strength and color of the voice control light or fun lighting projection. These can closely integrate lighting design and business activities and not only make the activities more fun but also the colorful light can bring about a lot of surprises. So lighting can increase lighting effect at specific activity time and area to match up promotion.


The last point is energy-saving. As the development of economical society, high effective lighting design has been increasingly accepted. Especially in commercial lighting design, sometimes it drew attention from the public because of the excellence of energy conservation and environmental protection. It’s known that the enterprises using energy-saving lighting design can cut down at least 20% energy consumption every day which greatly lower the lighting cost. Therefore, it is a very important part to pick out high effective energy-saving products in the field of lighting design.


More and more sellers have their own requirements for lighting design. Diversified lighting design is the inevitable trend for the development of commercial lighting. Chief designer of Zhimei lighting Renjian said, if lighting design wants to integrate with people and light environment, it needs to diverse and value the appeal of environment and human being without single development and then to realize the harmony of environment, lighting and human.