Bei jing Airport lighting


Airport is a large energy-consuming unit. To build green airports is the inevitable choice of the era development. Application of green and efficient lighting has become a great breakthrough in airports energy-saving and cost-reducing and at the same time can give the fullest play.


At present, the incandescent filament bulbs are mainly used by most airports. The standard working hour of an incandescent lamp varies from several hundred to several thousand hours. In comparison, the well-designed LED lighting system can be used continuously for tens of thousands of hours. And the lighting system is the second largest electricity utilization unit next to the central air-conditioning system in airport electric equipments. Therefore, to choose reasonable lighting program and lamps in each region and combine intelligent lighting control system with the natural light to make green and intelligent lighting transform for airport terminal is one of the developing direction for green airport.


At the beginning of Chengdu airport project, it was confirmed to use LED lamps to cut the electricity cost in airport operating for indoor lighting of the terminal. Chengdu airport tried to improve photosynthetic efficiency from the design, test, analysis, arrangement, and the need of light-passing board thickness of LED lighting. The luminous efficiency of circular embedded LED down light finally used reached up to 73.26lm/W.


The good visual effect depends on the excellent design of whole lighting project and superior performance of lighting paraphernalia. The application of lighting simulated calculation software can make different design for lamps arrangements, types, luminous flux and distribution curve flux in different places like lobby, passenger security screening area, corridor, rest room, maternal and child lounge to better realize energy efficient lighting.


We can see that the bright light ray of LED lamps light up the terminal. It makes people feel comfortable to see the soft light evenly sprinkled on the ground. At the same time, the high luminous efficiency LED has much lower need for electricity so that it provide green and environmentally friendly low energy consumption when bringing the superior lighting.