led commercial lighting product

In the just-concluded LED lighting lecture hall Shanghai site, from the light source, general manager of family WengZhiQin Shared his chain super LED solution technique.

“In the shopping mall supermarket industry there is a striking energy consumption, is the trend of the market. At present, the country’s 10000 square metre of about 20000 large business super, each supermarket LED after transforming 630000 can save electricity per month, 20000 supermarkets can save $126 billion.” Conference, WengZhiQin with detailed data supporting the business super LED lighting transform the necessity and urgency of, and specifically introduces the source of family business environment LED lighting solution.

Actually, this is not the first time that WengZhiQin appears before the public in such a way. Entered since 2013, WengZhiQin carrying light family chain super energy-saving solutions, travelling to Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, chengdu, etc all over the country, he and his friends have been very busy, busy busy pushing products, pushing the brand, busy building channel, horse will not stop.

In WengZhiQin view, now are LED great war of the world, with “jianghu” two words to describe the current LED market is most apt. So-called “river lake”, is a confusion of market, product, price, brand, in the absence of a standard industry environment, without the bottom line of price competition intrusion market sharply; Secondly, the heart of, each LED manufacturers facing the situation of high cost and difficult to survive, to find the road to the beckoning in bewilderment.

It was the spring of hope, also is the cold winter. Both success and failure, the enterprise can quickly seize market opportunities, to make a comprehensive change. After all, kodak and nokia, give us too much “time and tide wait for no man” warning.

LED products competition under the stage of market segmentation strategy.