LED lighting

Nowadays,  with the growing development of lighting products,  more and more hi-tech goods stand out to bring various experiences for users. As the technology develops, LED lighting products become prosperous.


At the same time, the improvement of consumers’ environmental awareness and the gradually growing purchasing power permit them to choose more advanced and effective lighting products, thus making high effective lighting market larger and larger.


Facing with the burgeoning lighting market, LED manufacturers make great efforts to find out their users. Taking the advantage of the customers’ unfamiliarity of the products, some manufacturers use inferior raw materials and cut down the due materials to obtain lower cost. As a consequence, they cut down the price and blurb the low-price products.


Now, there is still no unified LED lighting market standard in our country even in the world to restrain the quality which gives an opportunity for some manufacturers. Large quantity of poor quality products fill in the market thereby bring loss for customers and the development of entire market.


The gradual maturing market brings the gradual improvement of certification and supervision, at the same time brings the consequence of price war. Within half a year, Canada recalled the lighting products made in our country and America once recalled the LED lights. Then the EU warned the consumers about the LED lights manufacturers in China.


Although our nation’s LED products possess advantage of low price while the quality is inferior. Products lacking of brand is hard to be accepted by consumers which may further result in weaker competence of our nation’s LED lighting products.


May it can maintain the development of our country’s LED lighting industry merely by domestic market, still this is not a long-term policy. No matter from the perspective industry development or the long-term development of the enterprises, it’s essential to improve products’ quality. LED lighting business should change their strategy by turning price war into brand war. Only to set up own brand and strengthen the quality, can the enterprises survive in the fierce competition.