The problem of strobe in AC LED lighting has beat all the manufacturers in the world, making them employ actuators which swift alternating current into direct current to produce direct current LED lighting equipment. But now, Sichuan Xingli Lighting Co., Ltd form Chengdu, cooperating with CAS Changchun Applied Chemistry Institution, have solved this problem. Therefore, China becomes the only country in the world by mastering rare earth and phosphor to produce AC LED products with international leading level.


Most manufacturers produce direct current LED and they should use an actuator to transform alternating current into direct current. However, the working life of driver components is far lower than LED service life and the cost is very high. International tycoons such as Philips and Osram cannot solve the problem of stroboscopic which can greatly hurt human’ s eyes.


It is introduced by corporator, Vice President of Xingli Lighting Research and Development center, the AC LED optical engine they researched including 2 technologies, fisrt is to directly drive LED luminescence by alternating current, second is the AC LED fluorescent powder. There is some kind of special ingredient making numerous successes of tests. There are 2 steps to give out light.  First, connect alternating current to LED chip so that the driving chip will send out blue light. Second, the special rare earth made LED fluorescent powder cover, capping on the chip glows white light stimulated by blue light. Xingli Lighting has already applied more than one hundred patents to protect AC LED optical engine technology.


The journalist from Chengdu Commercial Daily saw in Xingli Lighting experience center that the AC directly driving LED chip is very small and cannot be made into the traditional bulb but other shapes like cups, boxes, even desks and chairs. For example, it can make various shapes of light such as your box or cup to substitute the bulb in your room. Or simply turn your desk into a light source. And this will initiate revolutionary change for lighting products. At the same time, AC LED optical engine saves 15% power than common DC LED, 50% than ordinary energy saving lamp. Some experts predict that this may promote hundreds of billions even thousands of billions lighting property in the next 5 to 10 years.