led lighting market

According to the expectation of LED inside of TrendForce, the international market research institution, the output value of LED lighting market in 2014 is $35.3 billion, a 47.8% growth than 2013. And the LED permeability rate will increase to 32.7% in 2014. Senior analysis of  TrendForce,  Guo zhi hao said, in order to meet the need of newly increased ball LED bulb and tube, 250 sets of MOCVD drilling crew capacity should be added as is predicted.


The surge of LED lighting application grows the great demand for LED lighting. As is estimated by LED inside, the total value of LED lighting market will be $35.4 billion in 2014, a 47.8% growth than 2013. And the LED permeability rate will increase to 32.7% in 2014, among which the permeability of LED bulb and tube is 20% and 15% respectively.


From the development of LED lighting need, the most competitive LED chip factories still need to increase productivity in 2014. Guozhihao indicated that 250 sets of  MOCVD drilling crew capacity should be added as is predicted to meet the newly increasing market of LED bulb and tube.


Take the  utilization of LED chip factories this year, the productivity of Taiwan and Mainland first-grade LED chip factories is at the top level. Though there are not a few unutilized MOCVD drilling crews, they are controlled by some some factories. Under the fierce competition, it costs excessive price for small factories to initiate the MOCVD drilling crew. It’s predicted that small factories will gradually be dropped out the LED supply market.


Except for constantly promote yield, running days and times, it’s estimated that in 2014 LED chip giant factories will probably stimulate productivity by merging small factories to gain MOCVD drilling crew. Moreover, Guozhihao said from the expanding of MOCVD drilling crew, LED chip factories have to wait MOCVD manufacturers to dispatch after ordering and it takes time to install and debug. In another way, the newly purchased drilling crew cannot provide productivity instantly in a short time. Therefore, the possibility of large LED chip factories merging small factories increases. Only by this way, can their productivity be well prepared at the beginning of rapid development of LED lighting market.