Led lighting enterprise


Although the traditional lighting enterprises still take the lead in the market, new LED enterprises with strong LED technology have built their brands effectively and run after these traditional enterprises. The survey shows that there are 7 new LED enterprises in the top 20 lighting enterprises that own the greatest brands recognition, which is up to 35%.


CSA consulting says that the application industry of China LED lighting has formed a preliminary scale after several years of rapid development. It is estimated that the yearly revenue of LED lighting industry is probably up to 60 billion RMB with 10% of the market share in the mainland. Both new LED enterprises and traditional lighting enterprises after reformation are facing the great opportunity to re-set the market structure and promote their brands, but there will be fiercer competition in the LED market. There are over ten thousand enterprises in lighting industry, most of which have transformed to LED lighting. In order to win the fierce competition and gain a position in the market, it is very urgent and important for brands building.