Quality warranty time has something to do with unit prices.

LED product

The quality warranty is different for various LED lamps of different prices.


The first is the LED down lamp of 3X1W.

Per figure 2, the prices for most LED down lamps with a one-year warranty is more than 21 RMB, in which the down lamps at unit price of 21 to 40 RMB take the high proportion. For down lamps of 2 years warranty, 50% of the LED down lamps are at the price of 21 to 41 RMB, 25% of LED down lamps are at 10 to 20 RMB and 25% are at over 41 RMB. For down lamps with 3 years warranty, 50% of them are at price from 21 to 40 RMB, 16.7% of them are at 10-20 RMB and 33.3% are at 41 RMB. The prices for LED down lamps with 5 years warranty are at 21 to 40 RMB.


As a conclusion, these LED down lamps at the unit price of 21 to 40 RMB are more reliable for the distributors and consumers for the long quality warranty. The products with over 5 years warranty are medium products, but attention should be paid by distributors to the fact that the long quality warranty can’t ensure the high quality.