new LED enterprise



With rapid development of LED industry in the past few years, the technique R&D and product development have been greatly improved.  The products competition was upgraded to distribution and brands competition. It becomes the top issue to open terminal markets and set up their own brands for LED enterprises. The quick setup of LED lighting market brings huge motivation for the all LED enterprises. However, the increase of newcomers into LED lighting markets also brings new challenges to Lighting enterprises. Nowadays, the competition in the LED lighting market is fiercer than ever with previous ‘Local bullies’ and ‘new solders’ coming up later. In the future market competition, the enterprises can survive with low profits by setting up their own brands.


In order to support the semi-conductor Engineering R&D and the ‘Annual Selection in Semi-conductor lighting industry’ launched by the Industry Union, and to support objective reference data for hot LED brands selection and research, the writer visited northern, eastern, and south China market and interviewed over 200 distributors and purchasing customers for a detailed survey of LED brands building and knowledge.


According to the comprehensive results of the general survey in northern China, eastern China and southern China, the top 20 enterprises which received the most attention from customers are mainly traditional lighting enterprises, especially the ‘local bullies’. NVC Lighting, Foshan Lighting and OPPLE Lighting still own the advantage of high customer recognition and loyalty in lighting market with over ten years of experience. In the brands recognition survey, they are still the top three companies with the most attention from customers followed by international ‘local bullies’ OSRAM and PHILIP which take the fourth and fifth place in the lighting market.