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LED development innovation boost economy development-1

Art of war have said: not for all, not for a moment; There are global, in a corner to devise. In the drive for the strategic adjustment of the national economy, the LED strategic emerging industries has become a baryon, at all levels of government support and funds into the case, the LED industry scale […]

The 2014 global LED packaging market value will reach $13.39 billion

Market research firm TrendForce LEDinside’s green can cause place 13 release according to the report, LED packaging market value of $12.5 billion in 2013, is expected to reach $13.39 billion in 2014, the annual growth rate of 7%.
LEDinside, thinks that in 2014 LED bright spot market still is given priority to with tablet and smart […]

About China light pollution-9

Until now, “collecting light pollution fees” problem does not have any news about the progress. Walking slowly, which suggests that the light pollution treatment more shows the implementation direction of the light pollution of our country.
And we have learned, at present, countries around the world, various areas of light pollution has certain governance:
In Hong Kong, […]

About China light pollution-8

New regulations are less than his mountain
Before for implementation of “shenzhen city outdoor advertising management method” and the “public places light emitting diode (LED) display maximum value of luminosity and measuring method, some people think that this is a good regulation, will be for the implementation of regional public places lighting lighting, display will provide […]

About China light pollution-7

This is just is the harm of LED display, not counting on advertising light box lighting! The reporter understands, at present, China’s major cities the situation of “light pollution” is more outstanding, some cities even can received dozens of complaints related to every year. But because of the lack of related laws and regulations, China’s […]

About China light pollution-6

Light pollution spread where is an end

On the whole, the advertising of big cities. The harm of city traffic, light pollution is more obvious than the countryside, and in the growing and spreading. This time, you need functions of regulation.
Taking shenzhen as an example, on outdoor advertising lighting management department has two main: urban management […]

About China light pollution-5

 Since 2009, the Hong Kong environmental protection department receives each year about 200 ZongGuang pollution complaints. In 2012, for example, light pollution complaints case 225, in the category of complaint involving outdoor lights, shop signs and advertising signboard accounted for 45%. Look from the partition Numbers, yau tsim mong, between wanchai and central concentrated 40% […]

About China light pollution-4

Someone will say, “light pollution” the word is not new, but you will often hear in the lighting industry? In fact, both the enterprise and the government, in order to pursue the light of the actual effect, rarely consider the question of whether the light “excess”. Some advertising light box lighting owner is mistaken for […]

About China light pollution-3

In addition, the Olympic Games, the world expo, tourism festival and other countries and all kinds of large-scale activities of local government propaganda, all use this memorable, delay longer light box lighting or display screen as the important means of propaganda.
Experts also said that the light box display lighting and the development of outdoor advertising […]

About China light pollution-2

Requirements, all to see.
And, indeed, light box outdoor advertising lighting, lighting and display in the present society is so widely used, whether in hotels, shops, karaoke bars, theaters, barber shops, beauty salon, airport, railway station, bus station, subway, park, individual shops, bank, hospital, police station, etc., as governments at all levels, the domestic and foreign […]

About China light pollution-1

In this environment of our existence, almost have been wrapped by pollution: water pollution, soil pollution, heavy metal pollution, pollution… All all pollution, pollution was criticized by people, but only of the light beam, following our long-term ignored by us, or turn a blind eye. Little imagine, a casual human oversight, the environment is that […]

OLED TV mark down lead to panic of display industry-2

Boe technology, vice President, Ms. Cheung also said: “OLED demand will increase. But in large and medium size in the market, unless the price dropped to 1.3 ~ 1.6 times the price of LCD screens, will increase.”
High above the surface of OLED TV, at the end of August, Japanese companies SONY also alternative products surface […]