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LED commercial lighting products need competition-1

In the just-concluded LED lighting lecture hall Shanghai site, from the light source, general manager of family WengZhiQin Shared his chain super LED solution technique.
“In the shopping mall supermarket industry there is a striking energy consumption, is the trend of the market. At present, the country’s 10000 square metre of about 20000 large business super, […]

LED enterprises “short or long pain pain”

Some people say that this is the international financial crisis, economic development is the most difficult period: local government debt crisis looming, increased trade barriers, hot money fled, severe test have emerged such as bank money shortage.
“One hundred” New Deal “, reef float, but our country insists that with economic pain in the long-term development […]

Photovoltaic and coal and LED industry will integrate

“Rare earth industry consolidation is our country economic structure adjustment, production layout optimization of a niche, many traditional industries are facing the enormity of the task integration optimization. Such as household appliances, such as steel, cement, nonferrous metal smelting industry there is excess capacity, waste of resources, serious problems such as inefficient.” Recently, the problem […]

Mechanical and electrical component costs in LED industry firstly going down

Global lighting companies such as philips, osram launched low-priced bulbs, next year’s retail price of LED bulbs is expected to drop into 3, accelerate the popularization of LED lighting. Foreign clsa believes that the LED industry will enter a period of one and a half years of recovery, watch the epitaxial metal crystal electricity and […]

The world’s largest LED street lamp project completed smoothly in Los Angeles

The world’s largest LED street lamp project completed smoothly in Los Angeles, the project installed a total of 141089 new LED street light. According to Forbes reports, the city of Los Angeles is expected to save electricity every year at least $7 million, and avoids the upkeep of a $2.5 million spending, these are due […]

Price war occured in LED screen industry-2

In the process of price drops rapidly, many small and medium-sized LED display enterprise collapse. From jun dolly in 2011, by the vision for the perfect photoelectric photoelectric and last year, the yangcheng evening news previously reported several influential in the industry of the LED display is the leading role of failures. Just walk through […]

Price war occured in LED screen industry-1

“Previously sold 200 square meters of display screen is almost can get 10 million yuan, now have to sell 500 square meters, the price drop too fast.” Recently, bdo sharp Rio chairman at the scene of the light fair in Shi Yao accept the yangcheng evening news reporter in an interview with the feeling. Yangcheng […]

LED development innovation boost economy development-6

Special lighting market, such as high speed rail traffic lighting, subway, lighting, automotive lighting market has a very large market demand.
Lighting fair in Frankfurt, Germany, for example, the year before the fair there is at least 50% of the traditional lighting products, last year, the traditional lighting is less than 10%, the exhibition this year, […]

LED development innovation boost economy development-5

Based on this, the guangdong pioneered “LED products evaluation benchmark system”, through the choice is closely related to the product quality indicators, draw lessons from developed countries in the field of LED testing standard and technical methods, formulate unified test method, for the large-scale application and popular products regularly detection, obtain product innovation level of […]

LED development innovation boost economy development-4

As the national LED industry development in guangdong, in the aspect of participation in the global standards for a rainy day, the implementation of “LED lighting standard optical components project”, establish standard LED lighting light component day mark, give full play to the advantages, broad market space in China formed our own standard system, in […]

LED development innovation boost economy development-3

In demonstration promotion, our province since 2008 launch green lighting demonstration project construction, and gradually from the pilot to the comprehensive promotion of use, to drive the LED industry to achieve the double output in successive years of rapid development, and become a pillar industry of the province emerging. Early, LED product price high, new […]

LED development innovation boost economy development-2

Therefore, the development of guangdong province to foster strategic emerging industries, promote strategic adjustment of industrial structure as the goal, in order to realize the strategic emerging industry technological breakthroughs and industrial development as the key point, established the semiconductor lighting and electric cars as important cultivating object of strategic emerging industries.
Guangdong LED lighting industry […]