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Taishan push LED lighting application market

Recently, a convention of spreading LED lighting application market was held by Tai shan governmemt. In the convention, Chen dongFeng, who is the Taishan Technology bureau chief, gave a report of the process and result of spreading LED lighting product, as well as the work plan of next stage. Other related Department also gave reports […]

LED encapsulation market continues growing and may reach 16 billion USD in 2018

In 2012, General lighting became the largest application area of LED encapsulation and this kind of LED technology growing trend will be extended to 2018. Besides the lighting application, other LED application market such as LED display is growing fast too.
 At present, LED encapsulation market value is 13.9 Billion dollar and will grow slower in […]

Ge lighting LED sales may increase by 60% in 2014

LED will bring a revolution to the global lighting industry. In 2012, LED only takes 18% of the 66 Billion USD of global lighting market; But when it is 2020, it is estimated the LED market will be 100 billion USD, which is 70% of the world lighting market. The main driving force is come […]

LED lighting Sales channel competition strategy-2

Secondly, product price, quality and responsiveness is the competition focus point at this stage; Product competition and channel competition has a interactive relationship. The conclusive category in LED lighting product category is LED light source, LED light bulbs, T8,MR16, LED Candle bulb, LED band; Indoor lighting like T5 LED tube, ceiling light, downlight, panel light, […]

LED lighting Sales channel competition strategy-1

Wu zheng zhe who has over 10 years experience on LED lighting industry, gave a speech about “LED lighting Sales channel competition strategy” on 2013 China LED forum days a go.

Firstly he said there would be some periods for the Industry competition evolution; Through handling the different periods, enterprise could  build the market channel layout.  […]

The demand for tombarthite in LED lighting industry is getting less

The 2013 international tombarthite  annual meeting was held in  September 12, 2013. Director Ms Hu xue fang said, the lighting industry is getting less and less demand for the tombarthite because of some reasons. Compared to peak time(2010, 2011), the demand for europia and terbium oxide has decreased by 60% to 70%.

Hu xue fang said: […]

Both Challenge and Chance exist for LED exporting enterprise-3

In addition, the LED products shall conform to the relevant laws and regulations stipulated by the conformity assessment procedures, only in this way, can they be CE mark, smoothly into the eu market. The United States LED lamps rated life test takes about 9 ~ 12 months, extended the access time of LED products.
From the […]

Both Challenge and Chance exist for LED exporting enterprise-2

This year LED lighting products export will continue rising in 2012, according to China’s customs data, the application of LED lighting products to the customs classification of the lamp has not provided and lighting for caliber statistics, in the first quarter of 2013 exports year-on-year growth is strong, the export value of nearly $1.6 billion, […]

Both Challenge and Chance exist for LED exporting enterprise-1

China’s exports accounted for about 30% of the global trade volume of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, Christmas Eve, in particular, is when undertaking the lamp ACTS the role of the busiest companies in our country, according to statistics, China’s production of compact fluorescent lights and Christmas lights for more than 80% of […]

Philips challenge 2000lm per USD in 2020

As growing demand for the LED lighting, LED factory for the maximum benefit from the market, have to strike a balance from the technical development and control the cost, so the development direction of GeChang focus Yu Guangxiao than from the past (lm/W), and then extends to the ratio of (lm / $) (us $), […]

LED commercial lighting products need competition-3

Learned, supermarkets have into small profit era, huge electricity bills a large proportion of the cost of the supermarket operation, power control has become a way of the cost control in the supermarket. At present, the domestic adoption of green energy-saving LED lighting business retail, basically the suning appliance, ikea, wal-mart, such as a few, […]

LED commercial lighting products need competition-2

So, the LED competition key battleground in where? Where is the outbreak of the market?
According to statistics, in 2012, China’s semiconductor lighting industry as a whole scale up to 192 billion yuan, from 156 billion yuan in 2011 increased by 23%. With the progress of LED technology, LED lighting applications scale expands unceasingly, broadening the […]