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OLED TV mark down lead to panic of display industry-1

Hanging on the color television enterprise finally landed the sword of Damocles, south Korean companies trying to eliminate the difference between the OLED and LCD, quick to reduce the price. LCD will be replaced by the OLED industry autumn the harbinger of more and more obvious. Such a move caused a panic in the trade.
LG […]

One Israel city become first city using LED public lighting in the world

Israel Ma’alot-Tarshiha launched this week the public lighting renovation project, the city will be by the end of this year will be a public place and 13000 of the street lighting appliances replaced with LED lamps and lanterns.
Ma’alot-Tarshiha is located in the west region of galilee, the city began this week for the city public […]

Problems needed to be solved before led put into led lighting market

So far, the LED into the field of lighting is the so-called special lighting field, such as cars
Lighting, urban landscape lighting, museum of cultural relics art lighting and backlight, etc., that is to say,
According to be on the intensity of illumination requirement not too high, belongs to the direction of indicative and “see” the light […]

LED lamp failure should not blame on electrolytic capacitor-6

5. Protect the electrolytic capacitor
Sometimes even if long life electrolytic capacitors are used, but will often find electrolytic capacitor is broken, what reason is this?
Actually if you think this is the quality of electrolytic capacitor does not pass, that is really make in time to the electrolytic capacitor! In fact, electrolytic capacitor is not perpetrators, […]

LED lamp failure should not blame on electrolytic capacitor-5

4. Extend the service life of electrolytic capacitors
4, 1 from the design to extend its life
Actually, to prolong the service life of electrolytic capacitors, the method is very simple, because it dies a natural death is mainly due to the result of the liquid electrolyte evaporation, if improve its impermeability, don’t let it evaporate, it […]

LED lamp failure should not blame on electrolytic capacitor-4

So the temperature inside the blister to allow 105 degrees? Just take a look at the following a picture. That is the Cree company about the LED chip and moderate the relationship between the droop.
If the environment temperature is 105 ℃, there must be at least add 20 ℃ is the junction temperature, so the […]

LED lamp failure should not blame on electrolytic capacitor-3

Actually this question can, in turn, is also designed to be a good LED lamps and lanterns, it allowed by the internal environment should be a certain temperature. This is because the junction temperature of the LED chip is to determine the LED chip droop (life), the main reasons for the LED junction temperature, of […]

LED lamp failure should not blame on electrolytic capacitor-2

So now all electrolytic capacitors are marked the life of the under 105 ℃. Such as the most common electrolytic capacitor, life is only 1000 hours at 105 ℃. But if think that all the life of the electrolytic capacitor is only 1000 hours. It would be wrong.
Simply put, if the environment temperature is higher […]

LED lamp failure should not blame on electrolytic capacitor-1

Often heard that now the LED lamps and lanterns is short life is mainly the power of life is short, and the power are shorter because electrolytic capacitor life short. They also have a point. Inferior because the market is filled with a lot of short life of electrolytic capacitors, plus spell the price now, […]

10 significant characteristics on wireless LED display-2

Four, easy installation and maintenance: because do not need laying optical cable or communication cable, the installation position of the wireless LED display is easy to choose. Modular design, easy to maintain and repair, and automatically save all information automatic dial-up, drops automatic redial, ensure reliable connection, the wireless LED display when energized again when […]

10 significant characteristics on wireless LED display-1

The traditional LED display information input can only be directly connected to the computer through the data line, so for the traditional LED display and can’t meet the needs of real-time remote information release, and therefore cannot solve the LED display of large scale network information release. The wireless LED display technology based on WEB […]

The global solid-state lighting market may reach USD 56.79 billion in 2018

According to the latest U.S. market research firm MarketsandMarkets called “solid state lighting type (LED, OLED, PLED), application background (general lighting, lighting, automotive lighting, medical lighting), category (industrial, household, consumer electronics), materials and regional, market analysis and forecast (2013-2018),” the report, global solid-state lighting market is expected to reach $56.79 billion in 2018, from 2013 […]