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High pressure from LED Pricing is not reduced

LED industry still faces high pressure from price reduction after entering the lighting times. LED factories invest in the development of unpacked chips. LED factories like Philips Lumileds, Toshiba, TSMC solid lighting, Jingdian, and Canyuan all introduced their unpacked chips one after another. Philips Lumileds introduced the technology of Chip Scale Package after Embedded LED […]

Small LED enterprises affected by the price down of famous LED enterprises-2

Wording by consumers as follows;


Per the price issues between middle and small enterprises, and branded enterprises, 10 consumers are selected at random for an interview. Nearly half of them prefer the branded products due to its great brands influence. But many of the rest consumers think that the price for branded products including too much […]

Small LED enterprises affected by the price down of famous LED enterprises-1

From later this year, many LED lighting enterprises like PHILIP, NVC, EVERLIGHT all bring down their selling prices. According to the data in July, the selling price of 7W LED bulbs was brought down by 37.3% in Tsing Hua Tong Fang and 36% in NVC lighting, both of which are the first line manufacturers in […]

OLED will initiate the age of cellphone flexible screen

On October 7, LG Display declared to start mass production of the first flexible OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) panel to apply in mobile phone. Later on, people began to speculate that LG would release a smart phone with a flexible screen in November. On Oct. 9, Samsung announced to issue OLED flexible phone-Galaxy Round […]

Guang dong model releases ‘Positive Energy’ for LED lighting industry-3

There are opportunities and challenges.


LED lighting as a light source of new generation has been popular in many countries and districts in the world. The policy to eliminate incandescent bulbs by the government brings chances of new market for LED lighting as a realistic light source.


However, the market economy is always a double-edged sword. On […]

Guang dong model releases ‘Positive Energy’ for LED lighting industry-2

Science and technology industrial should be led by the market.  



At present, the development and maturity of technology have brought the development of LED market. The prospect of the LED lighting has been lightened. With the existing market forces, LED lighting industry has entered the stage of fast development.


With the high speed development of industry economy, […]

Guang dong model releases ‘Positive Energy’ for LED lighting industry-1

During the development of China LED industry, Guang Dong Province as a very important global industry center, which has gone ahead of the times in industry cultivation or market promotion. With the opening of LED industry development summit in Guangdong province, reporters specially invited Ms. Wu Lin, secretary of national semiconductor lighting engineering R&D and […]

Creative technology leading the development of LED industry-3

The most difficult task for LED enterprises is to change the traditional concepts for products design and development.


Adopt customer experience to lead the technology creativity of LED industry, Adopt intelligence to change the single variety of products


The fundamental features for LED is the ‘controllability’. LED lighting can not only change the light sources and ways of […]

Creative technology leading the development of LED industry-2

Currently there are two popular intelligent lighting concepts. One is changing the illumination by sensors to adapt  to the people. The other is to take light as transmission medium material and people as receiver. LED intelligent lighting control includes the application process of turning on and off, illumination adjustment, light mixture, color temperature (CCT) adjustment […]

Creative technology leading the development of LED industry-1

LED lighting has been developing in the mainland for years. The selling prices have become reasonable from the unattainable price at the beginning. Therefore, more and more experts estimate that there will be explosive development of LED industry. But is the market situation so positive?


Take a general view of the global industry information, standards and […]

Where is the baseline for the warranty of LED products?-4

Warranty and goods replacement service to attract customer but the cost is high.

The commitment to repair and replace the package can make the consumers who don’t understand the industry buy the products. But when quality issue happens, no one will take the responsibly.


After site visit and interview, the reporter learns that currently many suppliers try […]

Where is the baseline for the warranty of LED products?-3

Second is the ceiling light of 12W.

According to figure 3, for the LED ceiling lights with one year warranty, 50% of them of are over 100 RMB, 25% of them are at the price of 30 to 50 RMB and 25% of them are at price of 51 to 100 RMB. For the LED ceiling […]