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LED giant companies started to fight for home lighting market-1

In recent years, there appears to be huge room for development in LED lighting industry with accelerating urbanization and the idea of energy saving accepted by the society.


Insiders predict that LED lighting sales in the market will be up to 32.4 billion in 2013 with a yearly increasing rate of 30%. The home lighting market […]

Can Chinese LED enterprises make money on “Golden Split point” of LED market?-4

There are negative factors that can’t be ignored.


Although the market is growing with plenty of subsidies and support from the government, the prospect for LED and related enterprises is not so satisfying. The quality of LED lighting products in this market is various from different suppliers. Lots of enterprises have to bring down their price […]

Can Chinese LED enterprises make money on “Golden Split point” of LED market?-3

The whole country is enhancing the application of LED in Agriculture.

With great advantage in quality, LED lighting enterprises start to search for other usages. Its application in agriculture is an example. In China, Agriculture is the last but most expected market for LED lighting.


Agricultural environment and sustainable development research institute in Chinese Academy of Agricultural […]

Can Chinese LED enterprises make money on “Golden Split point” of LED market?-2

The center Chinese government and all provinces are strengthening the subsidy policies.

Chinese government has been providing support to popularity and promotion of LED lighting industry


During the ‘Twelfth Fiver-year Plan’, in order to enable LED lighting to realize 30% of yearly revenue growth rate and to meet revenue target of 450 billions RMB (which has been […]

Can Chinese LED enterprises make money on “Golden Split point” of LED market?-1

In China, the popularity of LED lighting is developing into a new stage. LED lighting products was previously applied for outdoor lighting supported by the government subsidies, indoor lighting of public infrastructure, commercial lighting and so on, but now it has been used by the common consumers in their daily life. 2013 can be taken […]

Analysis on current situation of global OLED lighting industry-4

There is huge potential market in the mainland and national enterprises have great confidence.


Facing all foreign enterprises which own the business, national enterprises have taken the first important step of industrialization, but it just light the passion of enterprises in China. At the time of industry technology and transform, there are equal opportunities for enterprises […]

Analysis on current situation of global OLED lighting industry-3

In the meantime, good prospects are foreseen for the AMOLED panel market. Tian Mawei electronics, Jing Dongfang and other panel suppliers in the mainland have been speeding up its design, research and mass production with the hope to share the good market opportunities with Samsung. Therefore, there will be fierce competition in AMOLED panel market.

The […]

Analysis on current situation of global OLED lighting industry-2

Manager of Philip market department told reporter, ‘Philip introduced the first OLED lighting product last year. As a standardized product, it has been design into lots of lamps by the third party. Moreover, Philip invested 40 millions euro for OLED production line in 2011 and it started mass production in 2013 in Aachen, Germany.  In […]

Analysis on current situation of global OLED lighting industry-1

When there is full of negative news about excessive capacity, less investment, and enterprises going bankruptcy, which has bad effects on lighting industry, OLED brings hope to the lighting industry. Regarding OLED, many people in the mainland may think of display panel and are not familiar with OLED lighting. There are many questions about the […]

Some info about Semi-conductive lighting

Semi-conductive lighting is a new important and strategic industry.Department of Science and Technology,  for which Department and Reform Commission and other government branches continuously launched supportive policies as support and guidance.

To effectively solve the issues that prevent the promotion of semi-conductive lighting products, guide the healthy development of the new industry, provide supportive information for […]

With effective lighting brands building, new LED enterprises come up in the market-2


Although the traditional lighting enterprises still take the lead in the market, new LED enterprises with strong LED technology have built their brands effectively and run after these traditional enterprises. The survey shows that there are 7 new LED enterprises in the top 20 lighting enterprises that own the greatest brands recognition, which is up […]

With effective lighting brands building, new LED enterprises come up in the market-1



With rapid development of LED industry in the past few years, the technique R&D and product development have been greatly improved.  The products competition was upgraded to distribution and brands competition. It becomes the top issue to open terminal markets and set up their own brands for LED enterprises. The quick setup of LED lighting […]