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Where is the baseline for the warranty of LED products?-2

Quality warranty time has something to do with unit prices.

The quality warranty is different for various LED lamps of different prices.


The first is the LED down lamp of 3X1W.

Per figure 2, the prices for most LED down lamps with a one-year warranty is more than 21 RMB, in which the down lamps at unit price […]

Where is the baseline for the warranty of LED products?-1

At present, there are mainly indoor LED lamps like T8 LED fluorescent tubes of 15W, LED ceiling light of 12W,  LED down lamps of 3X11W, which are popular in the market and all electronic business platform. In this survey, our planning team selects 90 samples at random and analyzes the data for statistics for this […]

CSAPC ‘Footprint Plan’

On Sep 26th, CSAPC, (CSA application and promotion center) in southeast of China cooperates with China Hotel Engineering Union to jointly hold a China hotel management and engineering management summit at international fair center. The aim is to push the implementation of hotel green low carbon, energy saving and environment protection, to improve the overall […]

LED market steps into a turning point-2

Lighting market contributes to the development of industrial chain.


As for these LED listed companies, their increasing performance mainly enhanced by lighting market. In 2013, the LED lighting market will directly bring high-speed development of its related industry train.


With LED lighting as its main business, Changfang Lighting achieves high revenue growth in the first half of […]

LED market steps into a turning point-1

Since this July, LED related listed companies published its revenue and performance report of the past half year one by one. 23 out of the 25 key LED companies published the semiyearly report and mid-term performance report. The data shows that 60% of the companies are estimated to grow. The comparable data shows that the […]

LED display of high density and small space is popular indoors-2

LED super TV initiates the development of high-density and small-space display screen.


With the shorter dot spacing, the high-density and small-space LED display screen can show the images much better and all the targets are improved, which brings new concepts of LED super TV and the products.  In another word, LED super TV is not only […]

LED display of high density and small space is popular indoors-1

The previous said LED TV with LED material adopted only for backlight is not real LED TV, but LED backlight TV. The most important feature for the real LED super TV is the application of LED panel. LED panel with wide color range, higher responsible speed and contrast, as well as better visible angle stands […]

Demand increased for Medium power LED

EMC bracket is undoubtedly the focus for packing industry in 2013.  With the mature of LED lighting application technology, there is hot demand for medium power LED lighting products, for which LED packing factories have actively introduced medium power EMC brackets. However, some insiders also point it out that there is big difference between the […]

Development Trend of LED Industry: To Sell Products or Solutions?

“To merely sell LED products is just substitution. In the next three years, LED products will change from selling products to lighting solutions inevitably.” This was what the reporters heard from one dealers’ meeting held in Chengdu.


“Selling solutions” has been a popular concept in a long run within building material industry. Not a few enterprises […]

LED factories in Taiwan will continue to be prosperous in the next season

People working in the LED encapsulation industry have confirmed that six mainland home appliance factories have received the new-round energy-saving subsidies of the home appliance and have informed the manufacturers in Taiwan to prepare production capacity. The LED TV backlight manufacturers ensured better accomplishment in the fourth season than in the third season and the […]

LED giant companies started to fight for home lighting market-3

Successful distribution channels will bring the spring of home lighting market.


In 2013, LED lighting is formally replacing the traditional lighting with continuous improvement of technology and price reduction. It is estimated that the general LED lighting will take up 25.7% of the whole lighting market, which is increased by 8.1% from 2012.


Enterprises in favor of […]

LED giant companies started to fight for home lighting market-2

Layout adjustment to accelerating LED markets extension in home market

LED lighting has been widely known by the street lighting and commercial lighting, but just took the first step in the home lighting market. The global policies in favor of LED lighting industry have been announced. In front of the attractive huge market, LED giants at […]