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LED application in agriculture getting hot-2

Since 1994, Japan has been trying to use LED as lighting source in plant factories. They gained success by combination of red LED whose wave length is 660nm and 5% blue LED to foster lettuce and rice in artificial plant factory. Since 1990s, all the nations in the world have been actively using LED as […]

LED application in agriculture getting hot-1

As the proverb goes that  “The sun makes everything grow”. There will be no life without light. Light is the foundation for the living beings to survive and reproduce. The photosynthesis can’t go on without light. The condition of the light directly impact on the quantity and quality of crops. For a long time, the […]

LED tunnel lighting widely used in China

As our nation’s high-speed road construction extended from east plain region to the west mountainous area, tunnel is widely used during the construction. To employ new technology and new products to lower the energy conservation in tunnel lighting has become the trend as the large energy consumption of traditional tunnel lighting. Therefore, Ministry of Transport […]

Lumen data for common SMD LEDs

Today we give a list of Lumen data for normal SMD LEDs like 3014, 3528 and so on.

These SMDs are widely used in LED lighting product like LED Candle light, LED light bulbs, LED Panel light and LED tubes. So below list is a good reference for our foreign customer to check if the suppliers […]

How to simply judge what china supplier said is true or false

Days ago, one customer asked one sales of No.1 lighting how to judge what china manufacturer is true and false, because he often got “cheapted” on the data of LED product—especially on the lumen data. Due to the very limited equipment they have, they can not test most of the data of LED product from […]

Differences among LED Candle, LED Candle bulb and LED Candelabra bulb

LED Candle, LED Candle bulb and LED Candelabra bulb are very similar on the names, but they are different things in fact. Today, we are going to explain what  they are and the their differences.
1.LED Candle

LED Candle is a candle in LED; Normally LED Candle is used in places needing atmosphere like bars, churches and […]

No.1 lighting’s 360 degree lighting LED bulbs introduction

Recently, some customers said we had a lot of kinds of  LED Candle lights and LED light bulbs and they felt a little confused, so here we give a brief introduction of our 360degree lighting LED bulbs.

Original version
N1 Version
N2 Version
N3 version

light source picture

Original 360°
lighting version,
Classic 3-sticks structure
Higher lumen,
color can […]

Price is still the weakness of LED product-2

Product manager of Philips Asia, Lujinqing said, all the traditional lighting enterprises and electronic enterprises are turning into LED industry due to the low threshold. As a result, the surplus occurred. And some enterprise sales is not good, so they only have to cut the cost to lower the quality to sell more of their […]

Price is still the weakness of LED product-1

When the awareness of green environment of and energy-saving is gradually accepted by human being, the 4th lighting source-LED products start to become a normal consumer goods in people’s life and the LED market is slowly getting open.
Although the lighting market is enlarged day by day and the government gives much support and allowance, but […]

What is the gap of lighting design between China and developed countries?-2

Let’s take a look at the USA. Lighting design was separated from building and indoor design, became a single industry since 1950s. So the lighting designers were trained well and the talents were sufficient ande even the global elite joined them. As a result, the US lighting design industry is very developed as other industries, […]

What is the gap of lighting design between China and developed countries?-1

The light developed along with the human being’s development, has become the necessary part of modern life and business application. From the torch in the old time and lantern in feudal society to the incandescent and CFL as well as LED lighting in modern times, each light of times is a symbol of social productivity, […]

A discussion on the 10 years warranty of Cree LED

When a product has a good fame, good brand and a good warranty, it may be convincing.
But when a product is without above characters, only have a good long-time warranty, it is ridiculous. However, there are some factories gave a long-time warranty with a bad quality product. This situation brings a bad impact on the […]