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LED lighting Industry anchor the “blue sea” of urbanization-4

According to the estimation of Phillip, the market share of LED will be up to 45% in the global lighting market by 2015. Philip will continue to extend its knowledge in light, nature and health, observe profoundly the requirements from customers and consumers, and bring the meaningful creativity. That is to create and improve night […]

LED lighting Industry anchor the “blue sea” of urbanization-3

Besides the lighting effect, the application of intelligent LED technology realizes the intelligent control of lighting. For the traditional lighting, there is two-way communication for each lighting unit, which makes it important to monitor its work situation precisely and it can’t adjust the lighting according to the changeable environment like air condition, number of people […]

LED lighting Industry anchor the “blue sea” of urbanization-2

On the one hand, it estimates that by 2020, the yearly revenue for LED lighting will be up to 65.8 billion US$ due to the great advantages of LED lighting and the global urbanization. However, according to the report from China Taiwan industry research center about economy and its development trend, LED market in the […]

LED lighting Industry anchor the “blue sea” of urbanization-1

China is experiencing the unprecedented and rapidest urbanization in the history. According to the city blue book issued by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the urbanization rate will be up to 60 percent by 2020. The estimation and calculation results shows that there will be 0.3 billion people to be transferred from the villages to […]

Teamwork of China LED manufacturer to live better-4

Looking for breakthrough and promoting own research and development ability

In recent years, the LED patents of domestic enterprises emerge in endlessly. However, you will find out that the most patents are not original by careful study. They may just follow suit and make some amendment of original patent by international LED giants. Or they just […]

Teamwork of China LED manufacturer to live better-3

Working together to deal with the “Siege” from the international giants

As the intangible asset for enterprises, the patent is particularly important for the exploitation of oversea market. Now, patent has become a kind of weapon behind the scene between enterprises among the various industries. Especially for the medium-and-small sized business oriented on the export, one […]

Teamwork of China LED manufacturer to live better-2

To prepare and work jointly to avoid patent dispute

At present, the core patent technologies of LED lighting are occupied by the five international giants of Philips, OSRAM, Nichia Chemical, Toyoda Gosei and GREE. These five manufacturers almost applied many patents of the whole industrial chain containing raw material, automatic soldering machine, encapsulation and application. They […]

Teamwork of China LED manufacturer to live better-1

With the constant progress of global LED technology and drive by the relative policies, LED has been the next gold mine urgently needs to be excavated. Under such circumstance, as the important manufacturing base for global LED industry, how to take an advantageous position among the competition in the world is a vital task for […]

Happy new year and holiday notice!

Dear Customers, Partners and colleagues,

Happy new year to you all!


In the past 2013, we  worked  together well and make a good sales. We know that is because of your full support, we really appreciate that and we hope we can make more cooperation in 2014 and do our best to make our Earth clean and […]

Osram launched 5W LED light bulbs

OSRAM star light LED lamp is a kind of high energy-saving and high-efficiency product especially designed for home lighting. This LED lamp adopt high illumination efficiency LED chips designed by OSRAM to get good illumination and save more energy. It is made of very durable materials and can ensure to be used in different environments.  […]

About LED panel lights

In recent years, LED indoor lighting market has been expanding, while all kinds of new lamps have been developed. LED panel light, as a kind of LED lamp widely used in indoor lighting has received great attention from consumers and enterprises, which leads to great development in the market.

From the perspective of the market, LED […]

Some info about Jewelry lighting

Jewelry lighting as a very important commercial lighting segment market, it accepts LED lighting more than any other areas. Therefore, lighting jewelry has all adopted LED lighting.


Journalist site visits some big jewelry stores and finds out that most of them has adopted LED lamps. For example, In Shuibei Jewelry market, 95% of jewelry stores adopt […]