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Brief introduction for the promotion and application of American LED road lighting-3

Considering the economic benefits and efficiency, they emphasize the object visibility especially the lower average illumination for America roads and road lighting. Therefore, their road lights are designed higher than those in our country. They have low requirements for illumination uniformity as well as brightness on the roads. However, they strictly control the glaring of […]

Brief introduction for the promotion and application of American LED road lighting-2

The application test of LED road lights for the experiment cities are carried out by stages. In the first stage, it is to test the feasibility of application effects and investment return. In the second stage, it is to extend the test period, improve technology, set up standards, and further improve the performance and cost […]

Brief introduction for the promotion and application of American LED road lighting-1

There are 52 million street lights in America, in which half are highway lights, and the other half are street lights and lights in city public areas. America owns the biggest city lighting system in the world, while there is only around 35 million in China. Since 2009, US Department of Energy has planned to […]

The price for LED stage lighting was dropped by 16% in 2013-3

With improved heat output technology, the lifecycle of LED stage light is gradually extended. Dimming technology continues to be improved, and can meet requirements from all LED stage light by applying related software.

As figure 2 shows, the price of LED stage light continues to drop. In recently years, the average wholesale price for LED stage […]

The price for LED stage lighting was dropped by 16% in 2013-2



Second, its light is colorful. Light of different color and brightness can be generated by combining red, green and blue LED.

Third, its lifespan  is long. The lifespan of common Tungsten-halogen stage lamp is only several thousands hours, while that of LED stage light is over ten thousands hours.

Fourth,  its turn-on time is shorter. The turn-on […]

The price for LED stage lighting was dropped by 16% in 2013-1

According to GLII statistics, LED stage lighting market begins to take shape in China. There are over 100 big or medium-sized stage LED Lighting manufacturers including trade companies. In 2012, the total revenue for all the domestic LED lighting enterprises is up to 1 billion RMB, which is a 20% increase from previous year.
LED stage […]

LED bulbs sell well in Middle and low-end market in Chengdu

LED bulbs as important light products, are very popular in the terminal markets in Chengdu. There are 8 hyper markets for big LED lighting products, and 1700 distributors with 1500 selling stores, half of which are selling LED bulbs.

LED bulbs also become the main product of not only famous brands Philip, NVC, OSRMA, Three Hung, […]

5W LED spot light enter home lighting market-2

There are 2 pending technique issues for LED spot light. One is from light source and the other is power. From my point of view, the chips and packing technology has been stable. Light source is not a big concern, while the main issue is power.’ Marketing director of Shenzhen Hua Shen Lighting Technology Co.Ltd […]

5W LED spot light enter home lighting market-1

Viewing current home lighting market, LED tube light and bulb light has been very important. With improved features, ceiling light, panel light and other LED products has been replacing traditional grille lamp, which shows good prospects  and can’t be ignored.

Comparing to above light products, spot light has always been taking subordinate position and slower in […]

Where is the way out for traditional lighting enterprises?-3

When the traditional lighting enterprises make transition to the LED lighting, their biggest advantages lie in brands influence and perfect distribution channels. For example, NVC Lighting owns 36 operation centers, and over 3000 franchised stores, while the distribution channels of OPPLE Lighting covers the villages and counties. However, it is hard to upgrade these distribution […]

Where is the way out for traditional lighting enterprises?-2

As threatened by the newly established LED lighting enterprises, there is microblog news that NVC forcing out EVERLIGHT in May, and in Jul 23rd, OPPLE asked the distributors to stop cooperating with EVERLIGHT. Although the news is not confirmed yet, it is possibly a marketing method for EVERLIGHT. It shows that current LED lighting has […]

Where is the way out for traditional lighting enterprises?-1

In July, Media Lighting held a distributors meeting in Foshan, Mr. Cao Zhijie, general manager of Media says that Media Lighting has started their research and design as well as investment for LED lighting. For the first period, they invested 30 million RMB for LED driving system and assembly workshops, which is their first firm […]